Alex Bez - Coach and Facilitator

Hi there, my name is Alex and I'm the founder of AVO. Before I left the private sector, I was working as a Corporate Sales Director. I had spent the last decade teaching sales teams advanced coaching and communication skills in order to make a lot of money. Now, I teach activists those same skills in order to make a lot of new vegans.



I went vegan in 2012 and became involved in animal rights activism in 2014. Since then, I have visited over 50 cities around the world to help start animal rights groups, facilitate workshops, and train activists. My goal is to empower other activists to drive significant behaviour change while advocating for the most oppressed individuals on this planet.


Having chosen to operate under Gift Economics, all of AVO's work is offered as a gift to the Animal Rights community, and the work is made possible through the generous support of dedicated animal rights activists, like you. Thank you to everyone who has invested time in developing their skills as activists, and thank you to those who provide much-needed financial support to AVO.


If you are new to the AVO site, please don't hesitate to subscribe for updates, register for upcoming webinars, book a leadership coaching session with me, and request a 2-day workshop in your city. Or, if you just want to say hello, drop me a line using the chat widget at the bottom-right of the screen! Hope to connect with you soon.


Much love,